The Photo of the engine bay …

The photo should help us to locate the ignition coil and the distributor. We need to estimate the length of the cables and find an ideal place to fix Blue Ignition into the engine bay. 

Customers who repair their vehicles or vintage/classic cars know what we need. Engine bays of modern cars can be a bit tricky to take a picture. Most engines are covered by a plastic hood. To get the picture we need those hoods have to be removed. 

Below are a few photos out of our own stock as an example. We do not consider some of the pictures as ideal or 'complete'.

An ideal photo. Bottom the distributor. One plug is pulled.

An enlarged picture of the plug is helpful.

A big and full engine bay. The distributor is at the bottom. This photo will do as well.

You have to remove the hood.

Engine with plug top coils. The photo will do, but such a system cannot be retrofitted at present.

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