Plasma Ignition EN

Plasma Ignition

'Plasma Ignition' was Ecomotive™'s first product sold on the market. It had been discontinued after two years. We continued the development of the ignition technology towards Blue Ignition™. Customers could reduce fuel consumption with 'Plasma Ignition'. Some drivers reported a positive impact on exhaust emissions, too. 'Plasma Ignition' did not undergo intense testing like Blue Ignition™.

'Plasma Ignition' had been popular by consumers and some motor racing companies. The ignitions are still in use. Some 'Plasma Ignitions' have passed the 62,000 miles (100,000 km) mark.

We are wishing our customers of the 'first hour' to have always a safe journey with 'Plasma Ignition'.


'Plasma Ignition' model LNUA

'Plasma Ignition' on Mercedes Benz 450 SEL engine.

'Plasma Ignition' had been popular with Corvette owners. 

'Plasma Ignition' boot solution on a rotary engine of a 1970s NSU Prince.

'Plasma Ignition' was available in three different spark plug boot versions: strait, 45º angle and 90º angle. We were offering a tester to check the correct installation and functionality of 'Plasma Ignition'.